Mongolia A Spectacular destination for Nature Lovers

The Mongolian Naadam festival is a well known annual sporting carnival which stretches over a few days. The celebration starts in the town Mongolia, Naadam Festival is an eloquent and sophisticated expression of nomadic culture and act as outstanding combination of sports and art. The naadam festival is known to be the biggest event of the year showing some of the major Mongolian sports, traditions and culture. If you planning to travel in the summers prefer to include the Naadam Festival and Nomads Day festival in your Mongolian tour packages. If you are here in winters, you have alternate option of witnessing the amazing Eagle Hunting festival hosted at  tourist camp of Chingisiin Khuree where you opportunity to experience riding of horses to shoot the birds. If you are able to lay your hand on Golden Eagle probably, it will be the most unique vacation you have ever won!


If eagle shooting is not a part of your plan, you can turn straight to the beautiful crystal clear waters Lakes in Khovsgol. This can be done while you are on a horse, like in a true Mongol style. Apart from some natural wonders here, Mongolia has a lot more in terms of human attraction sites. Visit to the Gobi Desert can make your Mongolian Tour Packages a mesmerizing experience. Try to find some time to enjoy the Khoomie songs by locals and the incredible traditional clothing they dress in. The main attractions here includes World Peace Bell in central square, the mausoleum of Sukhbaatar, the Winter Palace which points to the last Mongolian emperor,  the Museum of Buddhist art, Gandan Monastery,  Parliament House, beautiful monuments and the Palace of Culture. The history of the rich country is reflected in several museums of the capital, including the Museum of Natural History, Museum of Fine Arts where you can find world’s best collection of dinosaur bones, the National History Museum, the National Museum of Toys, the Museum of Arts with a rich and heavy collection of handicrafts and many more.

The flora of the beautiful Mongolian is relatively poor and monotonous, but in the rare species of fauna one can include Mongolian antelope, desert bear and wild camel. Rivers are highly rich in fish, which makes this nation very attractive for sport fishing. The support provider for travellers to Mongolia generally arranges guides that smoothly speak Mongolian language. Having such a wonderful guide at the side can make the vacations in Mongolia memorable along with other exotic Unforgettable Mongolian Tour Packages. When you return, don’t forget to take a bite of the delicious Nomadic food and traditional barbeque! This destination has lot to give and counted as one of the most sought destination in South East holidays.