Buddha Gaya Tour Package taking you to the Journey of Enlightenment

Buddha Gaya Tour Package gives opportunity to explore the true essence of the Buddhism and its importance. Gaya is famous holly place for the Hindus and Buddhists, as it is the place where Prince Siddhartha Gautam achieved his enlightenment to become Lord Buddha, it is 100kms from city Patna, the capital of Bihar situated on the banks of Falgu river. The most important site of Buddhism located in India is Mahabodi, the sacred shrine temple all over the world is situated Bodhgaya town of Bihar. Buddha attained his enlightenment at this place at a young age under a fig tree about 2,500 years ago, that’s the reason it is counted in the UNESCO World Heritage and popular among the tourists. In last few years of India’s glorious history, Few Buddhist sites favourite for the tourists coming from different section of the world. Tourists are not here just to explore these Holy sites, but also want to practice and want to learn about them and their existence.

Buddha Gaya Tour Package

Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha, located near the India Nepal boundaries and well known hot shop in visitors around the globe. It is also known for Maya Devi Temple, Asoka Pillar, Sacred Garden, Puskani Pond, Buddha Temple and its great Museum. It’s a place of many propitious signs accompanying the Buddha birth here, Bodi tree is one of the great examples. The eighty feet high Great Buddha statue is the most amazing and creative sites of Bodh Gaya. It is unique posture of Lord Buddha in Dhyan Mudra on beautiful lotus made up of sand stone and granite. It is said that in construction of this statue over 12000 masons were involved and it took 7 years for them to come up with this amazing artistic and creative construction. Dalai Lama finally sanctified this statue on 18th November 1989. Kushinagar is another important place of Buddha Gaya Tour Package, it’s the place of Maha Parinirvana for Lord Buddha. This place is about 56 Kilometres away from Gorakhpur city which is also located in Uttar Pradesh, Lord Buddha stayed here till his last days of life and stepped into Maha Parinirvana.

Buddha Gaya Tour Package offers some great packages and amazing facilities especially for the Buddhist pilgrimage. Try to enjoy these special packages, because they offer specially designed for tourists with proper care and special type of food taken by the Buddhist people. Proper and special assistance is given to the Buddhist people so that they can enjoy the visit to entire destination where the existence of Lord Buddha is still felt. Diverse culture, unique monuments, amazing wildlife, great Himalaya panorama, multiple religion and beautiful climate provide diversities to visitors to enjoy their tour. The amazing destination Bodh Gaya is among the most popular destinations of North India pilgrimage tours and it will transport you to the world of peace and self awakening.

Buddha tour India

Religion is thought to be a piece of a singular’s personality in a nation like India. India is a place that is known for assorted societies, customs and religions like Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Jainism and Christianity. Disregarding the distinctive religions pervasive in the nation, you will discover solidarity in differing qualities. Devotees from everywhere throughout the nation and the world visit the different journey spots keeping in mind the end goal to dispose of all their transgressions and purify themselves. They accept that by going by all these hallowed sanctums, they are making a stride closer towards the Almighty. Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours India takes you to all the real sanctuaries of the nation.

buddha gaya tour

Journey Tours India assumes a Char Dham Yatra, to the four sanctums, in particular Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri. The Char Dham Yatra is viewed as a standout amongst the most purified visit that a Hindu can take. The Buddhist tour is incorporated from Lumbini, the blessed spot where Buddha is conceived. It is placed in Nepal.  The Next end of the line after Lumbani is Bodhgaya, the spot which is viewed as blessed as Buddha achieved Enlightenment. This spot is found in the state of Bihar, which is around 15 kms far from the city of Gaya. He accomplished the Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree and got to be Lord Buddha from Prince Siddhartha. The following spot of goal is Sarnath; it is the place where First Sermon was lectured by Lord Buddha. This spot is found close to Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The sermon was lectured five exceptional supporter of him and the law of wheel was turned.  Another most imperative spot for the Buddhist visit is Kushinagar, the spot of Maha-Parinirvana for Buddha. The area of the spot is around 56 Kms far from the Gorakhpur which is likewise found in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Here Lord Buddha stayed till his last time of life and ventures into Maha-Parinirvana. The Himalayan district incorporates the celebrated Mount Kailash hole, which is accepted to have been the home of the Hindu God, master Shiva. The Kailash Manasarovar Yatra reclaims you from all your terrible deeds.

buddhist pilgrimage tour

These are three destinations that are joined with the life of Lord Buddha. The Pilgrimage Tours India takes you to these three destinations which are- Buddha Gaya Tour in Bihar, where Buddha got illumination; Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh, where Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon; and Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh, where Lord Buddha accomplished Nirvana. An alternate imperative place of worship that you must visit is the Rameshwaram Temple in Tamil Nadu. You will additionally get to visit the sanctum, which is accepted to be the home of Lord Shiva. You can visit all the sanctuaries and have the Darshan of the Divine.

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