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One of the most famous tourist destinations on this planet, the country USA is simply jam-packed with amazing attractions. The country offer so many exciting vacations offers it can be difficult to decide what to pick, where to go and which is the best Travel agency In USA. So whether you’re making plan for spending time in America’s dazzling spots or taking a adventures road trip through the vast open country streets, you will never be short with the incredible attractions to visit USA.

The Statue of Liberty

Talking about the first look about the city New York its is the one of the most beautiful city among the state and the major attraction among the state is Statue of Liberty, the most popular symbol of freedom of America and one of the most beautiful sites for tourists in the USA. The total height of 92.99 metres, the Lady Liberty as it is known as tallest women in the world. Given to the country by French in 1886 to celebrate centennial of the signing of US Declaration of Independence, copper and steel goddess welcomed millions of immigrants. She was beautifully designed by artist Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi from France and engineered by the Alexandre Gustave Eiffel of from the fame of Eiffel Tower, while her pedestal was made by the Americans.

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The White House

If any building comes to define America definitely it would be the White House. The Elegant and the awe-inspiring White House is the travel spot for anyone in Washington. The original construction started in October 1792 and housed the first family in year 1800, President John Adams and the First Lady Abigail Adam. Since then, it’s been the seat of US government and the residence of president for 200 years.

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Martin Luther King Jr | National Site

Martin Luther King Jr longed for a world with correspondence for all. Today, his fantasy lives on at the Martin Luther King Jr National Site in Atlanta, Georgia and positions as a standout amongst the most moving and emotive vacation destinations of the United States. Situated on the same square as his origination and childhood home, this exhibition hall is committed to recognizing the life of the pioneer of the American social liberties development. The educational space accounts the different fights won and those that are as yet continuous – both inside America and outside of it. This amazing destination is one of the most popular destinations of travel agency In USA. Thus it is a standout amongst the most vital commitments to discussions about human rights and a crucial stop for any individual who needs to comprehend the darker side of America’s past.

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Bunker Hill

Boston is collaborating with history and any visit to this Massachusetts city would be inadequate without a visit to the Bunker Hill Monument, a pillar standing 221 feet tall. This is a standout among the most amazing and exciting vacation spots in the United States. The Tour and travel companies in USA also offer many other historic destinations which should not be missed when you are here in the city.

Nepal Tourism

Nepal may be a neighboring country of Bharat. it’s atiny low however stunning country acknowledged for wealthy culture & tradition and a varied vary of traveler attractions. it’s been very hip among travellers and vacationers coming back from totally different components of the globe. it’s the country wherever travelers will realize real mixture of culture and journey. There square measure varied traveler destinations and attractions that boost Asian nation commercial enterprise considerably. this text can offer you transient however useful concepts regarding noted places and attractions of commercial enterprise in Asian nation.


Short trip of {nepal|Nepal|Kingdom of Asian nation|Asian country|Asian nation} Tour package a capital of Nepal Nepal commercial enterprise package includes looking in and around capital of Nepal. the main attractions being Pashupatinath and Boudhanath temples. Pashupatinath associate ancient Shiva temple is simply 3 kms from capital of Nepal that is that the uppermost attraction. Bouddhanath among the biggest stupas in South Asia is another major attraction. The Nyatapola Temple in Bhaktapur town is one in all the foremost spectacular temples in Asian nation.

Exotica Asian nation Tour package is additionally targeted on capital of Nepal. to boot it includes the complete day excursion of Patan. the town lies regarding 5 klick from capital of Nepal. it’s a town of Buddhist monuments, Hindu temples and fine wood carvings. The Sundari Chowk contains exquisite samples of woodcarvings, stone and metal sculptures. Patan room has several noted sites and distinctive architectures like Krishna Mandi, Bhimsen temple, and Hiranya grouping Mahabhihar.


Cultural, Historical & Heritage Attractions capital of Nepal, the capital town of Asian nation, is that the most well-liked destination that is world noted with several cultural, historical and heritage attractions in and round the town. it’s thought-about as premier cultural and economic hub of Asian nation. There square measure several temples and monuments during this town that square measure tourists’ delight. room sq. of Hanuman national capital, Pashupatinath Hindu Temples, Swayambhunath Buddha Stupas, Boudhanath Temple, Patan room sq., Bhaktapur room sq., Kasthamandap Temple, Changu Narayan Temple, Bhimsen Tower, Narayanhiti Royal Palace, Asian nation National repository, NAFA Gallery, J gallery, etc square measure a number of fashionable traveler attractions in capital of Nepal, the capital town of Asian nation. Lumbini in Asian nation is legendary cultural website during this country. it’s the birth place of Lord Buddha and thought of collectively of 4 holiest pilgrim places for Buddhists worldwide.

Nature Beauty and Attractions There square measure varied destinations in Asian nation that square measure wide acclaimed for having excellent nature beauty and plenty of natural wonders. Kakani {is stunning|is gorgeous} place close to capital of Nepal town that is home to varied traveler attractions together with beautiful alpine surroundings and spectacular views of majestic chain of mountains. Dhulikhel is associate ancient city. It offers wide views of the covering mountain peaks of mighty chain of mountains.

Adventure commercial enterprise Asian nation is additionally wide acclaimed for journey commercial enterprise. The country offers varied choices for journey commercial enterprise & activities. climb, ice climbing, hiking, trekking, mountain biking, camping, etc square measure fashionable journey activities which may be get pleasure from on journey tour during this country. Trekking in Asian nation attracts an outsized variety of journey enthusiasts as there square measure varied world noted trekking trails during this country. Annapurna trekking circuit, Mount Abu Mount Everest Trek, Langtang Trek, etc square measure very hip on Asian nation trekking tour. Annapurna Trekking Asian nation is one in all the foremost asked for trekking trails on the market during this country.