Buddhism Pilgrimage Tour – Round to Religious Places

Buddhism Pilgrimage Tour covers the finest pilgrim’s spots of Buddhist.  It covers Nalanda, Rajgir and Boodhgaya. The first knowledge area for Buddhist sector in 5th century was Nalanda. In Rajgir, Buddha spends his most of time before achieving wisdom. Buddhism Pilgrimage tour package covered Delhi, Patna, Nalanda, Rajgir, Bodhgaya, Varanasi, and Delhi.  The tour is for 7 nights and 8 days. It is one of the best packages for Buddhist pilgrim. It covers all the main spots of Buddhist life.  It includes living, breakfast, lunch, dinner, transport facilities, and provides local guides for sightseeing.

Buddhism Pilgrimage Tour

Day 01: Reach Delhi

For the 1st day of Buddhism tour, you will reach Delhi that is the capital of India. There you will meet your tourist guide, who will take you different places and will guide you for everything.

Day 02: Delhi

In Delhi, you can see many historical monuments like Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Raj Ghat, Rashtrapati Bhawan and many more astonishing places. You can easily spend evening according to your desire.

Day 03: Delhi – Patna

On 3rd day of Buddhist Pilgrimage tours packages, board a flight to Patna, which is a capital city of Bihar. When you reach Patna, check in your hotel with the help of your tourist guide. Then afterwards you will be taken to different attractive places like Gulzari Bagh, Gol Ghar, Patna Museum and many more excited places.

Buddhism tour

Day 04: Nalanda – Rajgir – Bodhgaya

Move on to visit Nalandathat is one of the world’s oldest universities that consult the lotus of sacred knowledge. Take a drive to Rajgir, the Royal mansion which is the precious Buddhist pilgrimage site. After achieving wisdom, Buddha spends his five years at Rajgir. Later in evening, take a round to Bodhgaya, the devout place where Lord Buddha gain enlightenment.

Day 05: Bodhgaya – Varanasi

Have a visit to the temples and monuments at Bodhgaya in Bihar. Watch the papal Bodhi tree who was the only witness of the time when lord Buddha gain wisdom. It is near to the most famous Mahabodhi temple. In afternoon, take a round to Varanasi, a devotional place of Uttar Pradesh. When you will reach Varanasi, your tour guide will favor you to check in hotel. Spend your evening according to your wish.

Day 06: Varanasi – Sarnath

Take on a boat ride on the River Ganges in the morning time. In afternoon have a visit to Sarnath. Sarnath will complete your Buddhist tour. There you can see Ashok Pillar, Museum Stupa and many more historical places.

Buddhism tour India

Day 07: Varanasi – Delhi

Take a round to devotional places and noisy bazaars of Varanasi. In afternoon, you will be leaving for Delhi. After reaching Delhi, check in hotel and take rest.

Day 08: Delhi

On the last day of Buddhism touryour guide will arrange a drive to Delhi International Airport, so that you can take a flight to home along with beautiful memories of Historical India.

Mongolia Tour Packages | Experience the Most Adventures Dream Tour

A magnificent country with breathtaking landscapes, this might be the best description which would fit for the country Mongolia. Beautiful mountains, scenic lakes, picturesque valleys, rich culture and amazing heritage, diverse cuisine, historical monuments, summer and winter sports adventure, shopping facilities these multifaceted amazing attractions draws tourists to the wealthy country Mongolia with Mongolia Tour Packages. Mongolian customs as well as traditions also have their own specific feature, the likes of which distinguished from other countries, and these have been recorded by Mongolian as well as foreign scholars.

Best Mongolia Tour

Mongolia Tours

You will be spoilt for decision that there are such a large number of energizing visits. A large portion of Mongolia visits are in the late spring which is celebrations and occasions, enterprise visits, trekking and climbing, social and authentic visits, nature and natural life visits, angling and fly angling and group based visits and there is some experience, celebrations and social Mongolia visits are accessible in the winter. Stay in conventional gars, round felt lines tents. Visit Mongolia by jeep safari or be more courageous and ride in genuine Mongolian style on horseback. Then again take a camel safari over this great nation.

Mongolia Tour

Attractions of Mongolia

The capital of Mongolia is city Ulaanbaatar and city touring visits are changing in Ulaanbaatar like going by the Genghis KhanMonument, Gandhan Buddhist Monastery and the National Museum. Stop a while at Jargalant Hot Springs, move onto the beautiful Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan amidst terminated volcanoes and appreciate the vivid feathered creature life. Trek to the Khorgo fountain of liquid magma to view its fantastic excellence and see caves loaded with stalactites. Mongolia travel, one of the spot that you must visit is famous Karakorum, antiquated capital of the Mongol administration established by Genghis Khan. Its vestiges are an archeological wonder. Further touring anticipates you at the incredible 15th century Erdene Zuu Buddhist Monastery, with gigantic dividers 400 meters in length and 108 stupas.

Mongolia Tourism

Adventure with Mongolia Tour Packages

Your trip in Mongolia continues through the desert valleys and high mountains, the amazing Gobi desert. Mongolia trip can be featured so watching the beautiful sand dunes with awe at the Flaming Cliffs with red stones that blaze at the sunset and the place where dinosaur fossil are still found.  The sand dune at Khongor which is known as singing dunes towering to 800 meters is great natural wonder.  The amazing Saikhan National Park is home of astounding variety of magnificent flora and fauna. Mongolia A True Paradise on earth will definitely leave some amazing memories which will force you to visit again to this wonderful place. There are three sports for the local people of country Mongolia horse racing, the archery and astonishing Mongolian wrestling. You can also try the popular Mongolian wildlife safari when you are here. The trip to Mongolia will definitely be the most adventures trip you ever had in your life.

Vacations with Tour Company In USA | Exciting And Adventures

One of the most famous tourist destinations on this planet, the country USA is simply jam-packed with amazing attractions. The country offer so many exciting vacations offers it can be difficult to decide what to pick, where to go and which is the best Travel agency In USA. So whether you’re making plan for spending time in America’s dazzling spots or taking a adventures road trip through the vast open country streets, you will never be short with the incredible attractions to visit USA.

The Statue of Liberty

Talking about the first look about the city New York its is the one of the most beautiful city among the state and the major attraction among the state is Statue of Liberty, the most popular symbol of freedom of America and one of the most beautiful sites for tourists in the USA. The total height of 92.99 metres, the Lady Liberty as it is known as tallest women in the world. Given to the country by French in 1886 to celebrate centennial of the signing of US Declaration of Independence, copper and steel goddess welcomed millions of immigrants. She was beautifully designed by artist Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi from France and engineered by the Alexandre Gustave Eiffel of from the fame of Eiffel Tower, while her pedestal was made by the Americans.

Travel Agency in USA

The White House

If any building comes to define America definitely it would be the White House. The Elegant and the awe-inspiring White House is the travel spot for anyone in Washington. The original construction started in October 1792 and housed the first family in year 1800, President John Adams and the First Lady Abigail Adam. Since then, it’s been the seat of US government and the residence of president for 200 years.

Tour to USA

Martin Luther King Jr | National Site

Martin Luther King Jr longed for a world with correspondence for all. Today, his fantasy lives on at the Martin Luther King Jr National Site in Atlanta, Georgia and positions as a standout amongst the most moving and emotive vacation destinations of the United States. Situated on the same square as his origination and childhood home, this exhibition hall is committed to recognizing the life of the pioneer of the American social liberties development. The educational space accounts the different fights won and those that are as yet continuous – both inside America and outside of it. This amazing destination is one of the most popular destinations of travel agency In USA. Thus it is a standout amongst the most vital commitments to discussions about human rights and a crucial stop for any individual who needs to comprehend the darker side of America’s past.

Tour and travel compnies in USA

Bunker Hill

Boston is collaborating with history and any visit to this Massachusetts city would be inadequate without a visit to the Bunker Hill Monument, a pillar standing 221 feet tall. This is a standout among the most amazing and exciting vacation spots in the United States. The Tour and travel companies in USA also offer many other historic destinations which should not be missed when you are here in the city.

Mongolia A True Paradise On Earth

Mongolia had its doors open to visitors since year 1990 and now it’s exciting to come back with the amazing memories together. There are many amazing options served by the Mongolian Government as well as by the private agencies which includes the famous Naadam festival Mongolia tour packages, Mongolia tour packages, Trans-Siberian rail tours, Mongol Rally, Horse Riding trips and many other conventional sightseeing travel options. The trip to Mongolian will surely let its lovers to bask in few of the most unique and memorable experiences of this world. As a nation Mongolia had a huge history of changing wars, civilization and disasters of all types. While most of the beautiful landscape here is at mercy of the nature, there are several escapes that have turned as manmade heritage sites. Traditional Mongolian culture will definitely mesmerize lovers about the rich heritage as well as amazing culture which include amazing dance forms, music and beautiful dresses.

Naadam festival Mongolia

Naadam Festival Mongolia Tour 

Mongolia is a smooth place on this planet that has been peacefully since years. Mongolia still has clutched its regions and has probably the most brilliant wonder of the world like Altai Mountains, Khentii Hills, Lake Khovsgol, the Gobi Desert, the Lake Balkhash, the snow secured Siberian scene etc. The mountains and valleys lay a characteristic feeling that each enthusiastic personality will have the capacity to experience. In you are planning to be here in summers then try to include Naadam Festival and Nomads Day celebration in your trip. When you are here in winters, then you can make a choice of Eagle Hunting celebration at Chingisiin Khuree Camp where tourist would be riding on their horse to enjoy bird shooting. If shooting the eagles is not the part of your trip, you can head to the fresh water Lake Khovsgol. This lake is very special and the water meanders through bedrock, the view here is definitely enchanting. Treks to beautiful Mongolia Is one of the exceptional experiences appreciated by thrilling rides on Mongolian horses. Gala of celebrations of the naadam festival with Mongolian people, Naadam festival tour is definitely a splendid opt for the vacations.

Best Holiday Destination

Here at Mongolia you will come across some of the amazing animal species present in this world including the Ibex and White Tailed Gazzles. Apart from these natural wonders, Mongolia festival tour 2015 packages have lot to deliver to its lovers in terms of exciting and adventures interest sites. Gobi Desert here offers its travellers a mesmerizing experience. Do find some time to discover Khoomie songs sung by the locals as well as the incredible array of the traditional dresses. As you return, do not forget to taste Nomadic food along with their traditional barbeque! Thos country has a lot to offer and is one of the most praised and recommended holiday destinations of this world. This place is counted as one of the most peaceful destination. This is counted as one of the best choice among the people who want to spend quality time between the natures. This place also offers you to capture few of the world’s best natural heritage sites.

America’s Most Loved Tour And Travel Attractions

The United States of America has so many amazing and attractive destinations which draws thousands of tourists every year to the beautiful country. The country boasts wide range of travel attractions ranging from the skyscrapers of Chicago and New York, the natural wonders of the Yellowstone and sunny beaches of Florida, California and Hawaii. Tours and travels in USA offer you to witness wide range of attractions like amusement parks, colourful festivals, gambling shows, amazing golf courses, few rich historical buildings and many more landmarks, luxurious hotels, creative museums, beautiful art galleries, spas, city restaurants and many different sports club. With so many blessed tourist attractions the country has it’s tempting to list the entire states, so few of the top destinations are listed here which should be the part of your trip to the country.

Time Square: This is the most travelled vacation destination of the nation. Nearly 300,000 individual go through Times Square. This Manhattan crossroads of trade holds the top spot on our rundown, on account of expanded appearance to the Big Apple in 2008. As per the Times Square Alliance 80% of guests to NYC make it a point to visit Times Square. Times square the most loved square of New York which is known for its numerous Broadway theatres films and super signs. Tours and travels in USA have a wide range of fun, energizing and useful visits to investigate different parts of the city. You can choose from bicycle, transport, limo, bus, TV, point of interest and water visits.

Tour-company-USALas Vegas: The gambling city of this world, Las Vegas is spotted in the midst of southern Nevada landscape. Casinos found throughout the city Las Vegas, a stretch of the Las Vegas, Boulevard South, have the most. It features great mega-casino luxurious hotels, beautifully decorated with care and great attention to detail for creating a fantasy-like environment. The casinos here have names as well as themes that reflect romance and mystery. This is the city which can take you to the next level of excitement.

Niagara Falls: The Greatest Water Fall of the World, It is situated between state of New York and province Ontario, the Niagara Fall is counted as the most amazing natural wonder of the continent of North American. Actually Niagara Falls is three different beautiful falls, the Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls. Only the Horseshoe is located by Canadian side while other are spotted in New York. More than 14 million travellers each year makes this places most visited attraction. The Niagara Falls is majorly renowned both for their valuable source of hydroelectric power as well as for its beauty.

Tours-and-travels-in-USAYou can visit to these amazing and adventures places which are the first love of tourist when they are here. In USA there are many tour operators which offer several different tour plan and packages. You can select the best travel package according to your need and budget. Tour company USA is highly recommended by the travel expert as they offer opportunity to customize your tour package according to the destinations you want to visit.

Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour | A Journey Less Travelled

Kathmandu, the capital city of country Nepal is the largest city of the country, covering a region of 19.7 square miles. According to survey the estimated population is 989,273. The country is a landlocked in the Indian subcontinent. It covers an area about 56,827 square kilometres. Nepal is counted as the world ninety third largest nation by landmass. Spotted in South Asia, this country is bordered by People Republic of China on north and by India on the east, west as well as south. The country is divided in fourteen different zone and seventy-five different districts. A chief district officer is permanently appointed at each district, which is responsible to maintain law, order and also helps to coordinate the work at several agencies and government offices. Located in Mahalangur region of Himalayas on border of country Nepal and Tibet, the peak Mount Everest is the world’s most highest mountains peak, around 29,029 feet high. Experts recommend discovering the country with Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packages which offer something which you never dream about. The great lord Gautam Buddha well known as Tathagata took birth in city Lumbini. Today it is one of the major Buddhist pilgrimage destinations and visited by tourist whole world. It destination is marked as World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Nepal Bhutan Tibet tourAfter Ngawang Namgyal, Tibetan Buddhist the one who unified the complete region Bhutan and also helped its culture, British stepped to help sort the nation civil wars, eventually war started with the Bhutanese. The war ended with Treaty of Sinchula, which allowing the British to occupy Duar region. In 1907, Wangchuck became king of Bhutan. The southern region of the country experience varied tropical climate while in central Bhutan temperate climate is observed. The climate of northern Bhutan is best described as the alpine. South Bhutan is comparatively warmer than other parts of the country. The beautiful countries have four different seasons. The winter is generally in north which is also loved by the travellers as they enjoy the cold with the amazing beauty of snow covered Himalayas. Springs is known to be the most loved season of the country. This is the time when you will love to walk on the streets with your camera to capture the beautiful picturesque moments. Summers is known to very hot in Bhutan. June to September you can enjoy the fresh rain in the beautiful country. The best time the expert recommends to be here with Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packages is between the month march and May or September and November.

Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packagesAmazingly the home of world ten top tallest peaks the country Tibet is counted as the roof to this world. Few of the world’s famous rivers which include Yellow, Indus, Yangtze and Mekong flow from this country. In this country you can witness the Tibetan Buddhist prayer flag which hand around the country. You can also see the beautiful and amazing mysterious monasteries, which resides on the lovely snow mountains or on the crystal lakes. The iconic land marks of the country include Potala palace and the old Lhasa. The country also offer an amazing opportunity for the adventure lovers, you can have off road bike ride along with the exciting mountain climbing or visit to the Mt Everest and add some amazing pictures to your collection. The best option to discover these three countries together is enjoying the services of Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packages. The tour operators arrange and manage everything required during the tour. They provide the best hotels to stay along with mouth watering dishes.

Tibet Tours Packages – An Opportunity To Explore Beautiful Art, Culture And Heritage Together

High altitude enchanting destinations of Tibet comprise intoxicating mixture of humming spirituality, monuments, beautiful art and natural beauty. A tour to Tibet will be a lifetime experience. A Tibet tours packages gives you opportunity to experience high plateaus and breathe taking as well as a charming views. The stunning Himalayan range is an additional charm to the place. Lhasa the capital of Tibet, inherits the number of tourist destinations and temples, few of which are counted in UNESCO World Heritage sites. No other destination in the world offers such a deeply travelling experience with so many adventures and unforgettable memories. The number of unique plateaus, snowy scenery, and the honest Tibetan people mysterious religion makes Tibet a perfect holy destination to visit. Tibet is basically counted as highest region on Earth as the average elevation is 4,900 meters or 16,000ft. There are uncountable tourist attractions and many activities to perform which are waiting for everyone who is planning Tibet tours.

Lhasa: The capital of Tibet which is well known as “heart and soul of Tibet”. Lhasa is also known to be the home to historical point of Tibetan Buddhism or the Potala Palace. It is counted as the second most populous place on the Tibetan Plateau. Due to the high elevation the capital Lhasa has a quite cool atmosphere and semi arid climate along with frosty as well as freezing winters.

Lake Yamdrok: This Lake promises to offer most stunning, picturesque and eye pleasing scenery. This Lake showcases the amazing shade of deep turquoise. On the side, there are beautiful villages and fields of yaks. The atmosphere is quite refreshing and memorable experience to see a lake in Lhasa. The lake is almost 2 hours drive from the capital Lhasa on the way betweem Lhasa to Shigatse.

Tibet Tour Packages

Mount Everest: To be here is like a dream for many travellers. Most of the travellers stay here not more that 30 minutes at Base Camp to take some good pictures and admire this majestic mountain. This in one of the incredible destination listed in Tibet Tours Packages which attracts thousands of tourists every year to discover this beautiful and adventures destination.

Tashilunpo Monastery: The place of Panchen Lama. The creative architecture of this monastery is a magnificent view to behold. Topping the red building there are gold roofs which shine under the sunshine and create an amazing feeling inside the heart and soul of every tourist.

Samye Monastery: Spotted in a valley surrounded by barren mountains and beautiful sand dunes. The scenery around is austerely striking and natural. Samye Monastery is ultimate destination and Natural Tibet beauty in this modern world known to be the first monastery built in Tibet and hence this place is marked as the place where Tibetan Buddhism was established. There are multiple sculptures, frescos and prayer wheels can be seen inside the monastery. Spend your vacations with religious cultures tour of Tibet.

Jokhang Temple: This temple is counted as one of the most religious temple for the Tibetan People. This temple is one major destination in Tibet which hosts thousands of tourists every year and adds charm to the Tibet tour packages. There are many other destinations to explore in Tibet like Pelkor Chode Monastery in Gyantse, Tashilhunpo Monastery and many other religious temples, monasteries and beautiful lakes. It completely depends on interest of tourists if they love nature or adventures trekking or the amazing Tibetan culture, they will find Tibet a truly enticing place as it offers something of everyone.

Burma Tour Package Adding Ease and Comfort to Your Journey

With a diversified topography from snow-capped mountains and highland in the west to beautiful beaches in the south, Burma enjoys countless travel attractions. It is a country with extraordinarily scenery, but many of us are not aware of most of the tourist destinations. Tourism sector of the nation is expected to enjoy great love and appreciation by the travellers in the upcoming future. With the rising possibilities of tourism sector, the government has come up with around 22 important international air routes. This step has helped Burma to connect t with rest of the world and also lead to promotion of tourism. Burma tour Packages will take to the pristine white serene Buddhist architecture, beaches, sparkling blue lakes and different vibrant cities.

Top 5 destinations which should be the part of trip to Burma:-

Golden Rock – This is a unique pilgrimage site and the rock balanced at the edge of a crag weighs 600 tons. It is a breathtaking place located in Mon State and also a sacred place for local people. Those who would like to enjoy a legendary pilgrimage, it is the best place. The rock is famous for its golden surfaces, as the name suggests. However, only men can access the rock while women could only enjoy remote viewing.

Yangon – Previously known as Rangoon, actually this is golden temple which is about 2500 years old. It is majorly known for its beautiful traditionally, architecture, dressed people, lush green trees, dyllic lakes and old Chevrolet buses. This destination is well known with the name “The Garden City of the East” and the satellite view by Google Earth of this destination is stunning.

Burma tourism

Bagan – Earlier known with the name Pagan and home of country’s ancient architecture. Here you can find more than 2,000 temples and beautiful stupas located on the eastern bank of the River Ayeyarwady. Burma tour Packages will take you to the few amazing temples like Ananda Temple, Shwezigon Temple, Dhammayangyi Temple and Thatbyinnyu Temple.

Mandalay – Spotted at River Ayeyarwaddy this destination is considered as the major center of Myanmar culture. The other name given to mandaly is the ‘cycling city’ as the majority of people over here love to travel on bikes. The Buddha is counted among the ideal images of Buddhism, the area is covered by its ancient cities like Amarapura, Mingun, Innwa and Sagaing.

Inle Lake – Resting in the Shan Hills, this picturesque lake attracts thousands of travellers to capture its beauty. You must be thinking like other what’s so special about the lake, it will be great to know that you can enjoy floating tomatoes around you over the lake and beautiful garden of flowers.

When you are planning to visit Burma it is very important to known about the places to visit here and the best time to explore this beautiful country. It is not possible to imagine the charm the country hold without visiting. So plan to vacations Burma to capture the magnificent attraction and beauty of Myanmar tour. As far as the country warmth is concerned, you will be surprise to see the friendliness of local people.

Mongolia A Spectacular destination for Nature Lovers

The Mongolian Naadam festival is a well known annual sporting carnival which stretches over a few days. The celebration starts in the town Mongolia, Naadam Festival is an eloquent and sophisticated expression of nomadic culture and act as outstanding combination of sports and art. The naadam festival is known to be the biggest event of the year showing some of the major Mongolian sports, traditions and culture. If you planning to travel in the summers prefer to include the Naadam Festival and Nomads Day festival in your Mongolian tour packages. If you are here in winters, you have alternate option of witnessing the amazing Eagle Hunting festival hosted at  tourist camp of Chingisiin Khuree where you opportunity to experience riding of horses to shoot the birds. If you are able to lay your hand on Golden Eagle probably, it will be the most unique vacation you have ever won!


If eagle shooting is not a part of your plan, you can turn straight to the beautiful crystal clear waters Lakes in Khovsgol. This can be done while you are on a horse, like in a true Mongol style. Apart from some natural wonders here, Mongolia has a lot more in terms of human attraction sites. Visit to the Gobi Desert can make your Mongolian Tour Packages a mesmerizing experience. Try to find some time to enjoy the Khoomie songs by locals and the incredible traditional clothing they dress in. The main attractions here includes World Peace Bell in central square, the mausoleum of Sukhbaatar, the Winter Palace which points to the last Mongolian emperor,  the Museum of Buddhist art, Gandan Monastery,  Parliament House, beautiful monuments and the Palace of Culture. The history of the rich country is reflected in several museums of the capital, including the Museum of Natural History, Museum of Fine Arts where you can find world’s best collection of dinosaur bones, the National History Museum, the National Museum of Toys, the Museum of Arts with a rich and heavy collection of handicrafts and many more.

The flora of the beautiful Mongolian is relatively poor and monotonous, but in the rare species of fauna one can include Mongolian antelope, desert bear and wild camel. Rivers are highly rich in fish, which makes this nation very attractive for sport fishing. The support provider for travellers to Mongolia generally arranges guides that smoothly speak Mongolian language. Having such a wonderful guide at the side can make the vacations in Mongolia memorable along with other exotic Unforgettable Mongolian Tour Packages. When you return, don’t forget to take a bite of the delicious Nomadic food and traditional barbeque! This destination has lot to give and counted as one of the most sought destination in South East holidays.

Bhutan Tour Packages – Ultimate Choice for Lovely Vacations with Family.

If you are a true travel lover, who love to explore new territories every time that have not been ever discovered by others yet. If you love to experience with warm and gentle individual in peaceful breathtaking atmosphere then the destination called Bhutan is waiting to grab you with its fascinating beauty with Bhutan Tour Package. Bhutan Tourism is an excellent choice to spend your vacation away from the busy schedule. The beautiful nation Bhutan is known to be the last Shang-la & Himalayan kingdom which is popularly called as ‘Druk Yul’ which means ‘the Land of Thunder Dragon’. Slowly Bhutan is opening to modern world as it was following the old traditional living style. On your visit you can easily explore the daily life where men are dressed traditionally, riding on the horse. Yet Bhutan is trying to make every possible effort to protect their rich identity and efforts in keeping their traditions alive.

bhutan tour packageIt is the nation of wide and remarkable variety of beautiful flora and fauna, impressive monasteries, ancient traditions, amazing built architecture, warm hearted local people, a deeply revered kingdom and extreme colourful culture. Buddhism is the most natural way of life at Bhutan. Whole country breathes with the tranquillity, joy, peace, enchantment and the age-old wisdom. The National Happiness is the main concept of this beautiful nation where the development is not measured with Gross Domestic Products which happens in the other countries but the happiness of its natives. While exploring Bhutan choosing a Bhutan tour package is the nice option rather than organizing everything by your own. It’s an absolute use of your valuable money. With this package you will be very definite regarding the time and amount you are spending and it completely justify what are the things included in the package. It is a excellent value of the money you needed, you not to worry about any aspect and as they will arrange everything starting from accommodation to your meal.

bhutan tour packagesArranging your tour to Bhutan is quite easy and straight forward process. You just need to contact the local tour operator and let them know your date of visiting, number of people and select the most suited travel package according to the requirement. Now everything goes on your tour operator. Tour operator will do all the important formalities required for your tour. Bhutan offers several different kinds of tariffs so it is suggested to choose your tariff smartly. Drukair is an airline which operates in Bhutan; the hotel facility is also limited. Therefore, it is always smart step to book hotel and confirms your booking to Bhutan tour at least six months before so that the tour operator reserve seats in airlines & reservation in hotel as well, confirmed on time of arrival. Trip to Bhutan will give you another amazing sight of living life happily and an important vision to live life more beautifully anywhere. One of the best methods to explore the beauty of Bhutan with Bhutan Tour Packages is by trekking. This will take you to lush valleys, gorgeous gorges, monasteries, stunning lakes, temples, etc. So take some time out to revel in nature!