The highlights of Himalayan Kingdom – Wonderful Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour

Tourism brings lots of enjoyment, new start of life with more passion, zest and enthusiasm that changes your mind from daily routine. There are many travel destinations to travel around the world; you just have to start a skilled and knowledgeable study that is needed to manage for the most exciting and greatest tour in the world. The Popular Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour provides the visitors high- quality administrations by our specialist set in the place where there is happiness. Bhutan Dynasty keeps on delivering the nature of administration that has dependably been given to his customers.

Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour

Tibet is a gorgeous land of deep sunshine and snow-capped mountain peaks, gemstone clear rivers and lakes and golden fields of highland barley. This land has a callous environment surrounding them, but due to its calm and peaceful beauty and a way to acquire a spiritual enlightenment, this land has become the hottest travel destination. Third eye travel is the top most companies with exclusive services that enable the explorers to visit this beautiful land.

Bhutan is known as the most recent ‘Shangri-La’ on earth, the land of the thunder dragon, of prehistoric destinations, Bhutan is a nation of out of this world natural beauty and artificial civilizing resources. Visit to its famous ten places:

  • Punakha festival – Most colorful and vibrant festival
  • Thimpu – The capital of Bhutan
  • Dochu La Pass – Visit to its fluttering prayer flags and views over the majestic Himalayas, takes your breath away on a clear day.
  • Taktsang Lhakhang – This monastery – known as the Tiger’s Nest – perches on a rocky mountainside at 3,000m.
  • Gangtey – The gorgeous and stunning glacial valley
  • Tashicho Dzong – Known as the ‘fortress of glorious religion
  • Kurje Lhakhang – final resting place of Bhutan’s first three kings.
  • Chime Lhakhang – dedicated to the Lama Drukpa Kunley, the ‘Divine Madman’,
  • Trongsa – The Dzong dominates the town of Trongsa.
  • Rukha – A remote village in the Jigme Dorje Wangchuk National Park

Tibet tour packages

Nepal lies in the land of Himalayas and located between the two countries i.e. India and China. This country is very rich in cultures and history where more than 40 different ethnic people are living. The people living in this place have their own language and mother tongue. There are so many places to visit like Kathmandu city, Pashupatinath, Dakshinkali, Boudanath, Swayambhunath, Bhaktapur, Nagarkot, Pokhra valley and many more. You can visit those places by yourself, but if you want to know the real stories about these places you may hire a professional tour guide.

Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour | A Journey Less Travelled

Kathmandu, the capital city of country Nepal is the largest city of the country, covering a region of 19.7 square miles. According to survey the estimated population is 989,273. The country is a landlocked in the Indian subcontinent. It covers an area about 56,827 square kilometres. Nepal is counted as the world ninety third largest nation by landmass. Spotted in South Asia, this country is bordered by People Republic of China on north and by India on the east, west as well as south. The country is divided in fourteen different zone and seventy-five different districts. A chief district officer is permanently appointed at each district, which is responsible to maintain law, order and also helps to coordinate the work at several agencies and government offices. Located in Mahalangur region of Himalayas on border of country Nepal and Tibet, the peak Mount Everest is the world’s most highest mountains peak, around 29,029 feet high. Experts recommend discovering the country with Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packages which offer something which you never dream about. The great lord Gautam Buddha well known as Tathagata took birth in city Lumbini. Today it is one of the major Buddhist pilgrimage destinations and visited by tourist whole world. It destination is marked as World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Nepal Bhutan Tibet tourAfter Ngawang Namgyal, Tibetan Buddhist the one who unified the complete region Bhutan and also helped its culture, British stepped to help sort the nation civil wars, eventually war started with the Bhutanese. The war ended with Treaty of Sinchula, which allowing the British to occupy Duar region. In 1907, Wangchuck became king of Bhutan. The southern region of the country experience varied tropical climate while in central Bhutan temperate climate is observed. The climate of northern Bhutan is best described as the alpine. South Bhutan is comparatively warmer than other parts of the country. The beautiful countries have four different seasons. The winter is generally in north which is also loved by the travellers as they enjoy the cold with the amazing beauty of snow covered Himalayas. Springs is known to be the most loved season of the country. This is the time when you will love to walk on the streets with your camera to capture the beautiful picturesque moments. Summers is known to very hot in Bhutan. June to September you can enjoy the fresh rain in the beautiful country. The best time the expert recommends to be here with Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packages is between the month march and May or September and November.

Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packagesAmazingly the home of world ten top tallest peaks the country Tibet is counted as the roof to this world. Few of the world’s famous rivers which include Yellow, Indus, Yangtze and Mekong flow from this country. In this country you can witness the Tibetan Buddhist prayer flag which hand around the country. You can also see the beautiful and amazing mysterious monasteries, which resides on the lovely snow mountains or on the crystal lakes. The iconic land marks of the country include Potala palace and the old Lhasa. The country also offer an amazing opportunity for the adventure lovers, you can have off road bike ride along with the exciting mountain climbing or visit to the Mt Everest and add some amazing pictures to your collection. The best option to discover these three countries together is enjoying the services of Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packages. The tour operators arrange and manage everything required during the tour. They provide the best hotels to stay along with mouth watering dishes.

Tibet Tours Packages – An Opportunity To Explore Beautiful Art, Culture And Heritage Together

High altitude enchanting destinations of Tibet comprise intoxicating mixture of humming spirituality, monuments, beautiful art and natural beauty. A tour to Tibet will be a lifetime experience. A Tibet tours packages gives you opportunity to experience high plateaus and breathe taking as well as a charming views. The stunning Himalayan range is an additional charm to the place. Lhasa the capital of Tibet, inherits the number of tourist destinations and temples, few of which are counted in UNESCO World Heritage sites. No other destination in the world offers such a deeply travelling experience with so many adventures and unforgettable memories. The number of unique plateaus, snowy scenery, and the honest Tibetan people mysterious religion makes Tibet a perfect holy destination to visit. Tibet is basically counted as highest region on Earth as the average elevation is 4,900 meters or 16,000ft. There are uncountable tourist attractions and many activities to perform which are waiting for everyone who is planning Tibet tours.

Lhasa: The capital of Tibet which is well known as “heart and soul of Tibet”. Lhasa is also known to be the home to historical point of Tibetan Buddhism or the Potala Palace. It is counted as the second most populous place on the Tibetan Plateau. Due to the high elevation the capital Lhasa has a quite cool atmosphere and semi arid climate along with frosty as well as freezing winters.

Lake Yamdrok: This Lake promises to offer most stunning, picturesque and eye pleasing scenery. This Lake showcases the amazing shade of deep turquoise. On the side, there are beautiful villages and fields of yaks. The atmosphere is quite refreshing and memorable experience to see a lake in Lhasa. The lake is almost 2 hours drive from the capital Lhasa on the way betweem Lhasa to Shigatse.

Tibet Tour Packages

Mount Everest: To be here is like a dream for many travellers. Most of the travellers stay here not more that 30 minutes at Base Camp to take some good pictures and admire this majestic mountain. This in one of the incredible destination listed in Tibet Tours Packages which attracts thousands of tourists every year to discover this beautiful and adventures destination.

Tashilunpo Monastery: The place of Panchen Lama. The creative architecture of this monastery is a magnificent view to behold. Topping the red building there are gold roofs which shine under the sunshine and create an amazing feeling inside the heart and soul of every tourist.

Samye Monastery: Spotted in a valley surrounded by barren mountains and beautiful sand dunes. The scenery around is austerely striking and natural. Samye Monastery is ultimate destination and Natural Tibet beauty in this modern world known to be the first monastery built in Tibet and hence this place is marked as the place where Tibetan Buddhism was established. There are multiple sculptures, frescos and prayer wheels can be seen inside the monastery. Spend your vacations with religious cultures tour of Tibet.

Jokhang Temple: This temple is counted as one of the most religious temple for the Tibetan People. This temple is one major destination in Tibet which hosts thousands of tourists every year and adds charm to the Tibet tour packages. There are many other destinations to explore in Tibet like Pelkor Chode Monastery in Gyantse, Tashilhunpo Monastery and many other religious temples, monasteries and beautiful lakes. It completely depends on interest of tourists if they love nature or adventures trekking or the amazing Tibetan culture, they will find Tibet a truly enticing place as it offers something of everyone.