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With a diversified topography from snow-capped mountains and highland in the west to beautiful beaches in the south, Burma enjoys countless travel attractions. It is a country with extraordinarily scenery, but many of us are not aware of most of the tourist destinations. Tourism sector of the nation is expected to enjoy great love and appreciation by the travellers in the upcoming future. With the rising possibilities of tourism sector, the government has come up with around 22 important international air routes. This step has helped Burma to connect t with rest of the world and also lead to promotion of tourism. Burma tour Packages will take to the pristine white serene Buddhist architecture, beaches, sparkling blue lakes and different vibrant cities.

Top 5 destinations which should be the part of trip to Burma:-

Golden Rock – This is a unique pilgrimage site and the rock balanced at the edge of a crag weighs 600 tons. It is a breathtaking place located in Mon State and also a sacred place for local people. Those who would like to enjoy a legendary pilgrimage, it is the best place. The rock is famous for its golden surfaces, as the name suggests. However, only men can access the rock while women could only enjoy remote viewing.

Yangon – Previously known as Rangoon, actually this is golden temple which is about 2500 years old. It is majorly known for its beautiful traditionally, architecture, dressed people, lush green trees, dyllic lakes and old Chevrolet buses. This destination is well known with the name “The Garden City of the East” and the satellite view by Google Earth of this destination is stunning.

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Bagan – Earlier known with the name Pagan and home of country’s ancient architecture. Here you can find more than 2,000 temples and beautiful stupas located on the eastern bank of the River Ayeyarwady. Burma tour Packages will take you to the few amazing temples like Ananda Temple, Shwezigon Temple, Dhammayangyi Temple and Thatbyinnyu Temple.

Mandalay – Spotted at River Ayeyarwaddy this destination is considered as the major center of Myanmar culture. The other name given to mandaly is the ‘cycling city’ as the majority of people over here love to travel on bikes. The Buddha is counted among the ideal images of Buddhism, the area is covered by its ancient cities like Amarapura, Mingun, Innwa and Sagaing.

Inle Lake – Resting in the Shan Hills, this picturesque lake attracts thousands of travellers to capture its beauty. You must be thinking like other what’s so special about the lake, it will be great to know that you can enjoy floating tomatoes around you over the lake and beautiful garden of flowers.

When you are planning to visit Burma it is very important to known about the places to visit here and the best time to explore this beautiful country. It is not possible to imagine the charm the country hold without visiting. So plan to vacations Burma to capture the magnificent attraction and beauty of Myanmar tour. As far as the country warmth is concerned, you will be surprise to see the friendliness of local people.

Explore the Beauty of Myanmar with your. our Package

Myanmar is also well known as Burma and it is world’s most culturally rich and diversified country. This country is a great attraction in tourist because of aesthetic belief, religious sanctity and religious sanctity. Great influence of religions can be seen all over the Myanmar. Different religions are having conspicuous presence in the individual customs and lifestyle. To explore Myanmar you can go for a Tour Package or you can plan your own personal tour, but if you don’t want to miss the excitement of this place and don’t want to miss any attraction on here I would like to suggest you to go for Myanmar tour package.


Myanmar is changing fast and rediscovering itself, the charm of this country is seen in the unique places and the people of this country. Myanmar is well known for its religious sanctity, aesthetic belief and spiritual profusion. If you are looking to recharge your spiritual batteries, then creative juices inside you should be flowing and it will be treating to your family with exotic adventure, Myanmar is your answer. Myanmar involve many different fair and festivals and few local food that will surely you. There is lot of similarity between Myanmar cuisine and local cuisine which focuses on fish and fish based dishes. Myanmar cuisine is right for you if you want to try and love various dishes of fish. If you truly want to taste the Myanmar’s streets from food then you need to check the local food stalls. Yangon and Mandalay are the two important cities that involve lots of exotic sights, sounds and smells, which is the part of Myanmar Tour Package. Yangon is the capital of Myanmar and also the home town of global ventures. It is spotted as the most adventures place by the tourists. The famous sites to here are Yangon Village, Bogyoket market and Shwedagon Pagoda. Mandalay reflects the legacy of Buddhism and honorable society. It is also called as the city of jewels and now days have become the special attraction for the tourists and voyagers in previous years, it’s a place where you can find the rich craftsmanship and society of Myanmar. Amazing puppet culture is Myanmar’s rich customary performing art. The experience of these places will keep you zealous for the upcoming adventures of the trip.

In your visit to Myanmar, if you do not want to miss any of the solitary spot of fascination of this nation, then Myanmar Tour Package are the best deals you can have. Fishing and fish culture are great with residents of Myanmar and nothing democrats the fact that, it’s an amazing experience to visit the lake Inle. Two days will be great to spend on Inle lakes. This amazing place has exotic views and provides you the opportunity to explore the local cuisine that is delicious prizes fish of Myanmar. Floating tomato bed and flowers can be seen everywhere. Tour to Myanmar can be like dream come true you just need to recharge your Emotional and creative batteries and also reawaken your sense of possibilities.

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Stunning world marvels hold up in the time-coiled Myanmar. Earlier known as Burma, yields an amassing of Buddhist pagodas and religious communities adorned with maroon robed monks and charming nuns in pink. There are artisanal towns that are still explored by bull and stallion trucks and there are really warm and inviting people who have remained to a great extent uncorrupted by mass tourism.

myanmar tourThis nation is well known for its stylish conviction, profound spirituality and religious holiness. The spots of fascination and different destinations are all stamped with their individual uniqueness and they are certain to keep you entertained all through your Myanmar Tours. In your visit to Myanmar, if you do not want to miss a solitary spot of fascination in this nation, then our Myanmar tour package gives you the best deal on offer. Well, on your tour to Myanmar the places that you get to explore are;

myanmar travels and tourYangon; this is the capital of Myanmar and the home for global ventures. It is the most celebrated spot of fascination for the tourists. With the advancing days and the climbing traveler requests, it has the best vacationer lodging and restaurants. The inns are very lavish and moderate. The restaurants here serve the best delicacies in the whole of Myanmar. The famous spots to visit here are Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon Village and Bogyoke Market. Next in the Myanmar tour list is Mandalay. This is otherwise called the city of jewels and has a great extent become the favorite destination of the visitors and voyagers in the previous years. This is the spot where you can encounter the rich craftsmanship and society of Myanmar. Puppet culture – Myanmar’s customary performing craft, has resurrected in this spot. Mandalay exhibits the honorable society and legacy of Buddhism. The whole experience at this spot will keep you zealous and awed for upcoming parts of your trip! Next we sway to Inle Lake, which is renowned for its unparalleled magnificence. The Inle Lake redefines excellence. It is an unadulterated display of the flawless quality of nature. The lake is beautified by the reclining mountains and the blue sky. The Phaungdawoo Pagoda is a popular tourist spot for the five sacrosanct Buddha places of worship. Other spot to visit here are Sagar Village and Pindaya. Then in your Myanmar tour, you are taken to the old city of Bagan in the Mandalay area of Myanmar. It was the capital of Pagan Kingdom – the kingdom which bound together the districts that contain present day Myanmar. This spot is acclaimed for its veneer product which has incredible creative quality. Their untarnished products are light and water tight. This spot was likewise home for some antiquated illustrious occupants who used to conceal their adornments and gems here. Besides these, Myanmar has a lot more places of vacation spot like Namataung (Mount Victoria), Kyaikhtiyo, Mergui Archipelago, Mrauk and Ayeyarwaddy.

myanmar travelsMyanmar is a special spot to visit and an extremely satisfying spot to experience a get-away with your family and companions. In the event that you search forward for a pleasant family time or a spot to unwind and revive your brain with your companions, then this is potentially one of the best excursion goals surely!

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Rich in culture and still just about untouched by the results of rampant business enterprise, Burma is usually looked upon as a laidback Southeast Asian destination that offers you a glimpse of a full different time and era. However, few would grasp that hidden deep inside the Burmese landscape lays Kalaw, a destination nearly tailored for the character and journey enthusiast. The picturesque routes of Kalaw build it the right destination to feature to your Burma journey travel itinerary. whether or not you decide on to trek or cycle through the rugged roads and rustic villages of Kalaw, it most undoubtedly can end up to be the journey of a period.


Nestled in an exceedingly lush region of the Tai Long State of Burma, Kalaw could be a quaint very little hill city that has lots to supply that creates it a preferred selection for each journey in addition as culture primarily based Burma tour packages. enclosed by picturesque vistas and plush leaf, trekking through Kalaw you’ll expect to be greeted by variable landscapes that might vary from solitary peaks to abundant valleys. Trekking through this haven of beauty, you’d even have the chance of acquainting yourself with the culture and means of lifetime of Capitol Hill tribes, as you’ll be passing through native villages en-route. For those booking their Burma tour package through a travel company, it’s best to raise your agents to rearrange for a lodge at one amongst the village homes, so you’ll get a more in-depth scrutinize the approach to life, culture and beliefs of the locals.


Spending time with the locals is probably one amongst the most effective ways that to actually get to grasp any culture. Therefore, it’s extremely counseled that you just keep a relaxed schedule for your trek, which has ample time to take a seat and chat up with the locals throughout your Burma travel. humoring yourself within the exotic preparation of the land is another item that ought to feature extremely on your journey travel itinerary. A trek of concerning 3 days ought to fulfill to assist you totally fancy the vistas, landscape and company of the Burmese folks. The path to Inle Lake can currently appear as a rather easier trek, as most of the route is downhill and also the destination itself another feast for the senses, with its lush, mystical location within the Southern Tai Long upland. Here, a colourful market, Inha tribes, fishermen and different artisans wait your company to showcase their skills and provides you a tour of untouched Asian country.