Burma Tour Package Adding Ease and Comfort to Your Journey

With a diversified topography from snow-capped mountains and highland in the west to beautiful beaches in the south, Burma enjoys countless travel attractions. It is a country with extraordinarily scenery, but many of us are not aware of most of the tourist destinations. Tourism sector of the nation is expected to enjoy great love and appreciation by the travellers in the upcoming future. With the rising possibilities of tourism sector, the government has come up with around 22 important international air routes. This step has helped Burma to connect t with rest of the world and also lead to promotion of tourism. Burma tour Packages will take to the pristine white serene Buddhist architecture, beaches, sparkling blue lakes and different vibrant cities.

Top 5 destinations which should be the part of trip to Burma:-

Golden Rock – This is a unique pilgrimage site and the rock balanced at the edge of a crag weighs 600 tons. It is a breathtaking place located in Mon State and also a sacred place for local people. Those who would like to enjoy a legendary pilgrimage, it is the best place. The rock is famous for its golden surfaces, as the name suggests. However, only men can access the rock while women could only enjoy remote viewing.

Yangon – Previously known as Rangoon, actually this is golden temple which is about 2500 years old. It is majorly known for its beautiful traditionally, architecture, dressed people, lush green trees, dyllic lakes and old Chevrolet buses. This destination is well known with the name “The Garden City of the East” and the satellite view by Google Earth of this destination is stunning.

Burma tourism

Bagan – Earlier known with the name Pagan and home of country’s ancient architecture. Here you can find more than 2,000 temples and beautiful stupas located on the eastern bank of the River Ayeyarwady. Burma tour Packages will take you to the few amazing temples like Ananda Temple, Shwezigon Temple, Dhammayangyi Temple and Thatbyinnyu Temple.

Mandalay – Spotted at River Ayeyarwaddy this destination is considered as the major center of Myanmar culture. The other name given to mandaly is the ‘cycling city’ as the majority of people over here love to travel on bikes. The Buddha is counted among the ideal images of Buddhism, the area is covered by its ancient cities like Amarapura, Mingun, Innwa and Sagaing.

Inle Lake – Resting in the Shan Hills, this picturesque lake attracts thousands of travellers to capture its beauty. You must be thinking like other what’s so special about the lake, it will be great to know that you can enjoy floating tomatoes around you over the lake and beautiful garden of flowers.

When you are planning to visit Burma it is very important to known about the places to visit here and the best time to explore this beautiful country. It is not possible to imagine the charm the country hold without visiting. So plan to vacations Burma to capture the magnificent attraction and beauty of Myanmar tour. As far as the country warmth is concerned, you will be surprise to see the friendliness of local people.

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