Burma Tour Package Adding Ease and Comfort to Your Journey

With a diversified topography from snow-capped mountains and highland in the west to beautiful beaches in the south, Burma enjoys countless travel attractions. It is a country with extraordinarily scenery, but many of us are not aware of most of the tourist destinations. Tourism sector of the nation is expected to enjoy great love and appreciation by the travellers in the upcoming future. With the rising possibilities of tourism sector, the government has come up with around 22 important international air routes. This step has helped Burma to connect t with rest of the world and also lead to promotion of tourism. Burma tour Packages will take to the pristine white serene Buddhist architecture, beaches, sparkling blue lakes and different vibrant cities.

Top 5 destinations which should be the part of trip to Burma:-

Golden Rock – This is a unique pilgrimage site and the rock balanced at the edge of a crag weighs 600 tons. It is a breathtaking place located in Mon State and also a sacred place for local people. Those who would like to enjoy a legendary pilgrimage, it is the best place. The rock is famous for its golden surfaces, as the name suggests. However, only men can access the rock while women could only enjoy remote viewing.

Yangon – Previously known as Rangoon, actually this is golden temple which is about 2500 years old. It is majorly known for its beautiful traditionally, architecture, dressed people, lush green trees, dyllic lakes and old Chevrolet buses. This destination is well known with the name “The Garden City of the East” and the satellite view by Google Earth of this destination is stunning.

Burma tourism

Bagan – Earlier known with the name Pagan and home of country’s ancient architecture. Here you can find more than 2,000 temples and beautiful stupas located on the eastern bank of the River Ayeyarwady. Burma tour Packages will take you to the few amazing temples like Ananda Temple, Shwezigon Temple, Dhammayangyi Temple and Thatbyinnyu Temple.

Mandalay – Spotted at River Ayeyarwaddy this destination is considered as the major center of Myanmar culture. The other name given to mandaly is the ‘cycling city’ as the majority of people over here love to travel on bikes. The Buddha is counted among the ideal images of Buddhism, the area is covered by its ancient cities like Amarapura, Mingun, Innwa and Sagaing.

Inle Lake – Resting in the Shan Hills, this picturesque lake attracts thousands of travellers to capture its beauty. You must be thinking like other what’s so special about the lake, it will be great to know that you can enjoy floating tomatoes around you over the lake and beautiful garden of flowers.

When you are planning to visit Burma it is very important to known about the places to visit here and the best time to explore this beautiful country. It is not possible to imagine the charm the country hold without visiting. So plan to vacations Burma to capture the magnificent attraction and beauty of Myanmar tour. As far as the country warmth is concerned, you will be surprise to see the friendliness of local people.

Mongolia A Spectacular destination for Nature Lovers

The Mongolian Naadam festival is a well known annual sporting carnival which stretches over a few days. The celebration starts in the town Mongolia, Naadam Festival is an eloquent and sophisticated expression of nomadic culture and act as outstanding combination of sports and art. The naadam festival is known to be the biggest event of the year showing some of the major Mongolian sports, traditions and culture. If you planning to travel in the summers prefer to include the Naadam Festival and Nomads Day festival in your Mongolian tour packages. If you are here in winters, you have alternate option of witnessing the amazing Eagle Hunting festival hosted at  tourist camp of Chingisiin Khuree where you opportunity to experience riding of horses to shoot the birds. If you are able to lay your hand on Golden Eagle probably, it will be the most unique vacation you have ever won!


If eagle shooting is not a part of your plan, you can turn straight to the beautiful crystal clear waters Lakes in Khovsgol. This can be done while you are on a horse, like in a true Mongol style. Apart from some natural wonders here, Mongolia has a lot more in terms of human attraction sites. Visit to the Gobi Desert can make your Mongolian Tour Packages a mesmerizing experience. Try to find some time to enjoy the Khoomie songs by locals and the incredible traditional clothing they dress in. The main attractions here includes World Peace Bell in central square, the mausoleum of Sukhbaatar, the Winter Palace which points to the last Mongolian emperor,  the Museum of Buddhist art, Gandan Monastery,  Parliament House, beautiful monuments and the Palace of Culture. The history of the rich country is reflected in several museums of the capital, including the Museum of Natural History, Museum of Fine Arts where you can find world’s best collection of dinosaur bones, the National History Museum, the National Museum of Toys, the Museum of Arts with a rich and heavy collection of handicrafts and many more.

The flora of the beautiful Mongolian is relatively poor and monotonous, but in the rare species of fauna one can include Mongolian antelope, desert bear and wild camel. Rivers are highly rich in fish, which makes this nation very attractive for sport fishing. The support provider for travellers to Mongolia generally arranges guides that smoothly speak Mongolian language. Having such a wonderful guide at the side can make the vacations in Mongolia memorable along with other exotic Unforgettable Mongolian Tour Packages. When you return, don’t forget to take a bite of the delicious Nomadic food and traditional barbeque! This destination has lot to give and counted as one of the most sought destination in South East holidays.

Bhutan Tour Packages – Ultimate Choice for Lovely Vacations with Family.

If you are a true travel lover, who love to explore new territories every time that have not been ever discovered by others yet. If you love to experience with warm and gentle individual in peaceful breathtaking atmosphere then the destination called Bhutan is waiting to grab you with its fascinating beauty with Bhutan Tour Package. Bhutan Tourism is an excellent choice to spend your vacation away from the busy schedule. The beautiful nation Bhutan is known to be the last Shang-la & Himalayan kingdom which is popularly called as ‘Druk Yul’ which means ‘the Land of Thunder Dragon’. Slowly Bhutan is opening to modern world as it was following the old traditional living style. On your visit you can easily explore the daily life where men are dressed traditionally, riding on the horse. Yet Bhutan is trying to make every possible effort to protect their rich identity and efforts in keeping their traditions alive.

bhutan tour packageIt is the nation of wide and remarkable variety of beautiful flora and fauna, impressive monasteries, ancient traditions, amazing built architecture, warm hearted local people, a deeply revered kingdom and extreme colourful culture. Buddhism is the most natural way of life at Bhutan. Whole country breathes with the tranquillity, joy, peace, enchantment and the age-old wisdom. The National Happiness is the main concept of this beautiful nation where the development is not measured with Gross Domestic Products which happens in the other countries but the happiness of its natives. While exploring Bhutan choosing a Bhutan tour package is the nice option rather than organizing everything by your own. It’s an absolute use of your valuable money. With this package you will be very definite regarding the time and amount you are spending and it completely justify what are the things included in the package. It is a excellent value of the money you needed, you not to worry about any aspect and as they will arrange everything starting from accommodation to your meal.

bhutan tour packagesArranging your tour to Bhutan is quite easy and straight forward process. You just need to contact the local tour operator and let them know your date of visiting, number of people and select the most suited travel package according to the requirement. Now everything goes on your tour operator. Tour operator will do all the important formalities required for your tour. Bhutan offers several different kinds of tariffs so it is suggested to choose your tariff smartly. Drukair is an airline which operates in Bhutan; the hotel facility is also limited. Therefore, it is always smart step to book hotel and confirms your booking to Bhutan tour at least six months before so that the tour operator reserve seats in airlines & reservation in hotel as well, confirmed on time of arrival. Trip to Bhutan will give you another amazing sight of living life happily and an important vision to live life more beautifully anywhere. One of the best methods to explore the beauty of Bhutan with Bhutan Tour Packages is by trekking. This will take you to lush valleys, gorgeous gorges, monasteries, stunning lakes, temples, etc. So take some time out to revel in nature!

National Park of USA- Taking You to the Adventures Rind.

When travellers travel to USA, they just think about its big shopping malls, amazing historic monuments and its hottest lifestyle. But, when people who lovers nature travel to USA, they have several diverse experiences which makes USA trip extremely special with USA tour and travel company. So, don’t try to restrict to indoor splurges because USA countryside is just as enchanting and breathtaking. There are several national parks inside this country which always try to capture picturesque scenery like hovering mountains, lush landscapes, majestic waterfalls and amazing beautiful meadows.

tour and travel company in usa

Yosemite national park

This UNESCO the World Heritage destination in California has gigantic granite beautiful rock formation like El Capitan, half dome, the Royal Arches and the Cathedral Rocks. Thousand feet high rocks stand on the Merced River. The park has the beautiful waterfalls, which propels several travellers to include this park in the USA trip as these highest waterfalls forms the most exquisite destination to behold. With almost 300 lakes, mountain meadows and many sequoia groves form this much more than a park. It is a small part of time away from vast reality of life. The amazing beauty and serenity together create the kaleidoscope views which will remember for rest of the life.

Grand Canyon national park

Vivid colours, warm as well as delightful ambiance with breathtaking view of national park Grand Canyon pulls several tourists down to Arizona. The serenity and beauty of the sunset is much more enthralling if you challenging locales or may go rock-climbing. The north Rim here is much more popular. Most USA tour and travel company include it through the itinerary, but the unique excursions of Grand Canyon consist of the lush bushes, and several photo-perfect sites.

Yellowstone national park

Yellowstone national park is the home of the most fascinating natural beauty. The bison and wild bears wolves thrive in this area in spite of thousands of years happening volcanic activity. Hot alpine lakes and the incredible mountains around make it the most exotic place. This national reserve receives endless number of visitors as this is a undeniably beautiful park is a perfect destination for most travel companies in USA.

yellowstone-nation park

There are several national parks to explore when you travel to United States. You can travel to Acadia national park, Colorado Rockies, Glacier national park, Mount Rainer national park, the Grand Tetons national park, Zion national park, Great Smokey Mountain national park, or the Olympic national park. These amazing national parks are superb destinations of Travel Company USA. These beautiful national parks listed above are the best places to visit in United States of America offering the best available adventures travel option for families and for individuals. You can accordingly reserve and pre book your liked accommodations according to your wish to make your trip smooth and adventurous.