Experiencing a Journey in the Footsteps of the Buddha

“Footsteps of Buddha” is always said to be a journey of many different dimensions. Those never travelled Asia before there was nothing inevitable culture shock, meeting the intense energy, colours and endless diversity of India. People are well known to travel here and find solace since very long time. Government of India is developing the Buddhist Tourism I India to open the door to the plethora of tourist, to the place of Prince Siddhartha Gautam who attained enlightenment to e become Buddha. Country image have changed from the land of shank chambers and now the Indian Government.

buddhist pilgrimage tour

Buddhist tours are the best way to explore true essence of pure Buddhism and its importance. The popular Buddhist tours like Buddhist Pilgrimage, Footsteps of Buddha and Buddhist Temples and Sites – Buddhist Pilgrimage, Study Tour and Golden Triangle Tour, Sanchi Tour, Buddhist Temple With East India Tour, Extension Tours – Ajanta Ellora and Dalai Lama Tour. The Buddha also refers to spiritual experience. It has been experienced by people, after Siddhartha, and can be experienced by anyone, meeting the necessary prerequisites. Aspiring Buddhist, think their quest to follow in the footsteps of Buddha, or walk in his footsteps. Whatever Buddha does, they think that they should do. If scriptures say that Buddha cut off locks or that he vowed never to cut hair, then, that’s what has to do, because that’s what Buddha did or didn’t do it!

The historical person Buddha was also known with the name Tathagata, which means “one who has come thus” and Shakyamuni which means the “saga of the Shakya tribe”. Lord Buddha has spent a lot of time in India. He also took the last breath in the Kushinagar UP. UP is known for well known for Various Buddhist spot and important for those on trail of the Buddha. Few most amazing and unique spot in UP a, Kapilvastu where Lord Buddha was born. Right now kapilvastu has many stupas. Formerly the capital of the Kosala Mahajanpada, Sravasti has the distinction of being host to Lord Buddha for rainy seasons. The Buddha performed hismiracles here. Sravasti boasts of several age stupas and majestic monasteries that much attract the tourist. However, the pride of Sravasti is the Anand Bodhi Tree, believed to be planted by Anand, the favorite disciple of the Footsteps of Buddha. Kaushambi situated one kilometre from Prabhosa earlier used to call with the name Mankula, was the rain retreated of Lord Buddha after he got enlightenment.

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