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Have you ever admired to be in a place, where you get to do exhilarating fun and then relax in the suite of gods own bedroom? Well if you have, or now if you want to, book for the Nepal Tour Package. With home for the longest reign of mountains, the Himalayan Range. Nepal boasts of some of the highest mountain peaks of the world. Henceforth, the ideal place for trekking, paragliding, mountaineering and the fun doesn’t just halt here. Those mountain peaks are the source of numerous rivers making river rafting another ecstatic bustle.

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          As we stated above, that it is Gods own bedroom, well lets scan through the certainty. The most shrine place for Hindu religion, as Lord Shiva himself abodes here, Pashupatinath Temple in Khatmandu is world’s largest temple of Lord Shiva. Lore says that in distant past only Hindu borns were at privilege to enter this place. Khatmandu’s another holy lay is the Swayambhunath Temple aka Monkey Temple as monkeys reside in the North west corner of this temple. The religious values are not limited to Hindus, Buddhist worship the Swayambhunath Complex which has a stupa of Buddha’s eyes and eyebrows painted on it.

nepal tour places

Lumbini is alleged to be the birth place of Guatam Buddha himself and thus, is a World Heritage site. Muktinath is place of mutual religious concern. Situated in the Mustang district, Muktinath is considered to grant freedom from the mortal bounds of life. It is also the house of ‘Saligram’ of Hindu Godhead Sriman Narayan. Although of Indian Origin, the ‘Shakti Peethas’ are called Chyuming Gasta and are devoted to the goddesses by the Buddhists. Changu Narayan is aonther one of the oldest temples here. Devoted to Lord Vishnu, It edifies ten incarnations of him. Subsequently, there is a town devoted to the devotees too. Exactly, Bhadgaon shelters all the devotees to God and is named Bhaktpur.

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Nepal was under monarchy since the recent past, the grandeur of the various kings who ruled this conjugal country can be witnessed at Kathmandu Darbar Square. Swaying to other features of the Nepal tour package, we perch in the Chitwan Nationa Park- Asia’s most rich and diverse wildlife sanctuary. It is differentiated from others because of one –horned rhinoceros, royal Bengal tiger, sloth bears, leopards, marsh muggers, crocodiles, deer of variant types and over 450 vibrant birds nesting there.

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Time for some fun in the Nepal, Pokhara is a delightful city with landscapes never seen before. The utmost unique peak point is the ‘Fish Tailed’ Peak. These peaks and springing rivers exhilarate adrenaline rush of the tourists. In the Nepal tour package we let you enjoy all the activities with utmost of safety. Nepal will delve into your mind and soul once you come here, and will frivolously want to visit it again.

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Myanmar Tour Package

Brooding! Because you’ve got only 10 days of holiday and have tight budget, but still want to delve into eccentric experience of touring. Myanmar Tour Package is your answer. Third Eye Travel has been catering to touring satisfaction now for 25 years and evokes its customers for a Myanmar Tour. Myanmar guarantees you an experience of lifetime.

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Mandalay is the Cultural heart and pre-colonial era capital of Myanmar. It’s like walking through a live museum, with streets and buildings containing elements that date back to pre –British and pre- Western style of living. The feeling is no less than majestic and exotic. Teak bridge called the U Bein’s Bridge has the most scenic views of the city.If you ever wanted to get the feeling of a dream come true, Bagan plain is the place to be. It mesmerizes you with numerous temples situated here, this place could well be called the religious capital of Myanmar. With Buddhist heritage is reclined in them, Gubyaukhyi Temple, Anand Phato, Manhua Temple captivate your spiritual senses. Mahamuni Paya hosts the most unique rituals of face washing by worshippers every early morning, to the shrine of Mahamuni, canvassed with 15 cm of gold leaf.

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 Shwezigon Paya, & Shwesandaw Paya are pagodas which have Buddha’s relics enshrined in them. Build by King Anawartha, both these pagodas have respective facets. Shwezigon paya, being the milestone with its Bell shaped stupa for all other stupas in Myanmar. Shwesandaw Paya, is idyllic for sunset sight. Fish Culture and fishing mean a huge deal to the residents of Myanmar, Inle Lake is their hunting ground for the former. Phuang Daw oo Pagoda, In Paw Khon Village, floating gardens are other spell binding places to be around Inle Lake.With a blend of Shan, Indian mulims, Nepali and Bamar population, Kalaw is a popular hill station. In our Myanmar tour package, Thein Tuang Paya, Aung chang Tha Zedi, Nee Paya, Dhama Yon are the spiritual attractions in this place.

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 For adventure seekers, trekking is the sport entertained in Kalaw which opportunes you to observe the various tribes of Myanmar.Last, but most vivid place of South-East Asia is the capital, Yangon.Chaukhtatygi Paya is the home of reclining Buddha. Aboded in a huge metal roofed shed, the figure is as massive as the one in Bago, located pip away from Shwedagon Paya. Astonishingly, this isn’t as famous as the Bago of the Shwethalyaung. Indeed, a benefit for signing up for the Myanmar Tour Package with Third Eye Travel. Next in the pot is, Botatatung Pagoda, named after 1000 military leaders who escorted relics of Buddha obtained from India. It got completely desolated in World War II, but then was rebuilding in exactly the same style, even though the Zedi is hollow.Bogyoke Aung San Market is the next advent from the Myanmar Tour Package. Also known as Scott Market, this contains over 200 stalls and subsequently is the best place to skim through vast range of handicrafts in totality.

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How to explore Burma Tour places for Holidays

Burma is a mounting place for Tourism. There are interesting places for tourist destinations, tourist spots, attractions in Myanmar (Burma) for your holiday. Like the other places we travel, in Myanmar we focus for observed. We take you to the must–see sights of Burma and then far away from, immersing you in the culture, history, charm with the beauty of this amazing place of Burma. Few places in the world are as spiritual and pure in their beliefs as Myanmar. Let us plan a journey that reveals the deep religious expression of not only the Burmese, but beliefs of ethnic people in remote areas such as the Intha tribe on Inle Lake.

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Many mysterious places are: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, INLE Lake, Kyaing Tong, Golden Rock, Monywa, Putao, Mrauk U, Ngwe Saung beach, Ngapali Beach and etc. There are many lakes, adventure places, historical places, spiritual places to visit Burma in Hoildays. So here is adventure tour begins in Yangon, green and misty Northern Highlands of Myanmar, adventure tour in Myanmar goes from superb to sublime, and Ballooning in Bagan.

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Shwedagon, the heart of Yangon, is the most intensely honoured pagoda in the country and fascinating history behind. Shwedagon Pagoda is the renowned attraction perceptible from miles around. It is one of the wonders of the world and the most respected pagoda in Southeast Asia. Bagan, in the past which was known as Pagan, is the place where the heart of the country ancient architecture lies. It is located in the upper part of Myanmar and is the capital of Myanmar’s first dynasty. The unique culture of Mandalay city is the transportation method of how people travel.  In other words, among the local people, Mandalay is known is the cycling city where mass of the Mandalay society prefer to travel on bikes rather than relying on other transports. Inle, located in the Shan Hills in Myanmar is a freshwater lake with frequent villages against the cloudy mountain ranges.  The weather of Inle Lake differs from other places in the country as the manner is a bit cooler and drier. Kyaing Tong is geographically located in an easily nearby location to the golden triangle region. Golden Rock, in Myanmar language known as KyiteHteeYoe Pagoda is one of the breath-taking and also a blessed place for Myanmar people. It is the third nearly all important Buddhist pilgrimage site in Burma after the Shwedagon Pagoda and the Mahamuni Pagoda. Monywa, is positioned in Sagaing Division, in Myanmar, and geographically 136km northwest of Mandalay beside the eastern bank of River Chindwin.   It will take 3 hours drive from Mandalay via Sagaing in order to get to Monywa. Putao is located in Kachin State, Myanmar which is also the northernmost town of Kachin State. The weather in Putao can be said cooler than the rest of the complete Myanmar and iceberg and peak covered in flurry can be seen almost throughout the year in definite part of Putao.

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